8 Dec 2012

STOPzilla! Technology Trusted Antivirus


The current technology is advancing, so are viruses and online threats are more and more spread out through the PC, Android Tablet and Smartphone. For that, STOPzilla! introduces a proven antivirus technologies can protect your PC from viruses, malware or even online threats.

Now there are millions of users in more than 60 countries have used STOPzilla! Many of the features provided by STOPzilla AVM, including:
  • Cutting-Edge Technology AVM
  • Complete Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection
  • Real-Time Detection
  • Fast Start-Up and Scan Times
  • Wireless Network Protection
  • Rapidly Detects and Blocks New Threats
  • Fully Customizable Control Center
  • Secure Online Searching and Shopping

To that end, if you are currently still using the old antivirus was not able to find a virus that is so hurry to switch to STOPzilla AVM. The installation was easy, can be used for Windows Vista/XP/7. Download it now here, and you can feel it in 15 days for free.


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